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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12 2013

Buona Sera:

How did we commemorate Armistice Day?  On the eleventh hour we held a ceremony well orchestrated by our wonderful teaching staff.  The agenda included a Veteran's Prayer (kindly provided by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs), both the Italian National Anthem, our host country, and the Canadian Anthem were played. The story of Taps was read by our students as well as the poem on Flanders Field.  After our minute of silence, as custom dictates, Taps was played (Canadian and Italian Armed Forces versions).
We showed some pictures of Canadian Graves in Italy, they were amazed on how well they are kept in spite of all the years gone by.  They were also quite surprised on how young some of those soldiers were (one was 16 years old only: their own age).  We showed a video that highlighted the unfortunate result of every war; the death and suffering toll exacted on humanity.
Our young men and women did conduct themselves with respect and dignity.  I am extremely proud of these fine ladies and gentlemen!
The evening was much lighter: the students decided to all dress up and after dinner we had a volleyball game.
Enjoy the pics and God Bless (especially our men and women at the service of our country),
Angelino Petrolito