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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I bronzi di Riace

We had a wonderful trip to Reggio Calabria, the capital of Calabria. Rising early, so that we could include some shopping as well,  we visited the very famous "Bronzi di Riace".  So called because they were found near Riace (Calabria)., and simply called: Bronze A and Bronze B (A, found first...).

Professor Nuccio Skepys, who has been restoring these famous sculptures for so many years, went into the fascinating great details of the process involved in the restoration of these masterpieces of the Greek antiquity.  What a wonderful gentleman!  He enjoyed taking pictures with us and took extra care in ensuring that we had a VIP treatment.  


I have forwarded some pictures to Nuccio since he wanted to be part of our group and he kindly requested copies of him and our group:  Nuccio sei grande! 

He himself is a great artist, a sculptor, and you could see the artist's passion in describing the details of these bronzes and his art in the restoration process that took place.